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The groundwork for AADC fellowship is built through the monthly meetings where we take time to catch up on each others' lives before and after the business meeting and formal program. We take turns providing snacks, and enjoy Show and Tell.

Sometimes we have a picnic meeting and every year we host a holiday party at a member's house where we share cards, trinkets, food, and stories. We come out in force when someone has a celebration for an anniversary or a 90th birthday celebration.

At least once a year the club program involves an expedition to a museum, doll store, or a local Teddy Bear factory. Often a few members carpool to a special doll show or sale. Twice we have joined a Detroit club for a bus trip to the big annual doll and toy show in St. Charles, Illinois, complete with a "motel crawl" to show off our finds to each other. Those members who attend the UFDC National Convention share rides and rooms as well as the fun of attending programs and events there together.

The best way we get to know each other is by working together on projects like the month-long Century of Dolls display at a local library, our doll display for the Southern Michigan Railroad Society, and the Junior Tea at the UFDC Convention in Detroit. We spent more than a year working with our Junior Collectors preparing for that event. During many hours of companionship we learned some surprising things about each others' talents and endurance.

A subset of the club meets almost every week to sew doll clothes together. We devise astonishing outfits for our favorite dolls, and probably have the most fun talking and playing with dolls together.