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Examples of Meeting topics, past and present.


"Muffie by Nany Ann Storybook Dolls."

"Dolls with Wardrobes" UFDC Video

"Shirley Temple: Girl, Doll, and Woman"

"Wee Folk Workshop" Crafting event. Make your own Wee person, based on Wee Folk designed by Salley Mavor

"Dolls in Historical Costuming Part II: The Twentieth Century"

"Making a Victorian Hat for Your Doll" Crafting event.

"Victorian Tea with Alice in Wonderland and Doll Tea Sets"


"My doll can't talk, but I can!" Sharing dolls with personal stories.

"Over there: American doll making during WWI."

"Wooden you like to know more about woodens?" Program about the history of dolls made from wood.

"Hitty: The doll that prompted the storybook."

"Tools and techniques for customizing modern dolls." Overview and discussion

"Shooting your dolls." Interactive workshop on doll photography.


"Hats on!" Program on dolls with permanently attached hats.

"Baba Yaga vs. Beauty: Modern European and Russian Ball Jointed Dolls with Character."

"Which Doll is the Toni?" UFDC Video

"Fashion Dolls Model Fashions of the Centuries: Clothing from Ancient Times to 1899."

"Anthropology in Cloth: Silently They Speak." Cloth dolls

"Not Just Cute, but Smart!" Madame Alexander's Little Genius dolls

"Shirley Temple." UFDC Video

"Little Women after 131 Years." 15 minute member presentations on Little Women dolls


Paper dolls

Effanbee's Patsy and her Look-alikes

Dolls Eyes Quiz

Celebrity Dolls


Terri Lee Heart Fund Doll and Costumes

10 min doll topics: Dewees Cochran art pieces, dolls on Pinterest, Ideal Revlon dolls, Doll Kimonos

Leeann dolls

Identifying Mystery dolls

French fashion dolls

A baby shower with dolls

Dolls in presentation boxes by members

Wendy Lawton Dolls

Bye-lo and Dream baby and others


"Rolling Right Along." Program on doll buggies by member.

"Antique Dolls of Death and Mystery." UFDC slide show on dolls and funerary practices, supplemented with original research by member.

"Dollapalooza: Learn about Dolls." Display explained by members, Ann Arbor District Library, Main Library.

"Special Exhibits." Short member displays and presentations on Baby dolls, AM dolls, Dydee dolls, and Dolls in Fiction.

"Carried away with Doll Fun."

"Let's Talk Dolls." Program on Early Georgia Folk Art Loveleigh dolls by member.

"Special Exhibits." Short member displays and presentations on Tiny Town Dolls, Effanbee Honey, Terri Lee, and AADC club dolls.

"Creativity Welling (s) up: Norah Wellings." Program by member.

"Celebrate!" Birthday party for AADC and LeeAnn with Denis Bastien.

"Who is Arranbee (and what have you done with his picture)?" Program on Arranbee dolls by member.

"Character is More Precious than Beauty." Program on bisque character dolls by member. .

"Venus de Milo has Nothing on Us: Sewing Mannequins." Program by member.


Presbyterian Dolls, Author Debra Hoover of The Doll that Built a Church was guest/presenter

Deweese Cochran dolls

Member exhibits on Doll clothing in a setting

Betsy McCall dolls

Sybarite dolls

Ellowyne Dolls

Sewing workshop on Flour Sack Doll

Patti Playpal dolls

Victorian Garden Bridal Tea with bride dolls