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Education and Research

"The study of dolls is the study of mankind." (Lord Thomas Babbington Macauley, 1800 - 1859.)

Ann Arbor Doll Collectors take the UFDC motto to heart. Learning more about dolls, sharing the knowledge with others, and increasing that knowledge through research are some of our most satisfying activities.

We all educate ourselves by researching our own doll acquisitions, by reading Doll News and other doll books and magazines, and by making use of UFDC videos. The club has a small library from which members can borrow.

Now and then a group will get together outside of club meetings to discuss a provocative book about doll history or sociology, or to use a UFDC seminar kit.

We educate each other informally through Show and Tell, and formally by presenting programs. More than half of our programs are prepared by club members on topics ranging from ancient Egyptian dolls to the newest BJDs.

We reach outside our club, presenting programs to other groups, including garden clubs, churches, grade school classes, and other doll clubs. Topics have included Victorian dolls, nurse dolls, and dolls in books. We have created educational doll displays at museums, libraries, schools, and even a hospital.

We reach out to young collectors. We understand that our hobby won't remain strong unless young people and new collectors join us with fresh ideas and enthusiasm. We sponsored a UFDC-affiliated Junior Collectors group, and with them hosted the Junior Collectors Tea when the UFDC National Convention came to Detroit. They are adult collectors now. We also share our knowledge and collections with Girl Scout troops, helping members earn their doll collecting patches. If you are in the area and know young collectors (age 7-17) who would like us to start another Junior Collectors group, or would like us to visit your Girl Scout troop, contact us.

Finally, we work to increase knowledge about the types of dolls we love. Two of our members have qualified as UFDC judges, performing original research. Several members have published books, articles, and video programs based on their scholarly research on doll topics. No wonder one new member remarked, "This isn't just a doll club; it's a history club, too!" Another member insists it's really an anthropology club.