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We at Ann Arbor Doll Collectors believe that dolls are works of art. Some dolls are one of a kind, made by hand by a renowned doll artist. Some dolls are made from scraps left over from another project, forming a beloved rag doll for a cherished child. Some dolls are sculpted and made into molds, then cast in limited quantities as a collectible. And some dolls are mass-produced to sell to millions of children around the world.

Regardless of its origins, its materials, or its ultimate market, each doll is created by a sculpture artist, professional or amateur. The artistry commands our attention. We admire a doll because of the tilt of its head, the expression in the eyes, and the fine craftsmanship in the details.

Whether the subject of a program is wax dolls, wooden dolls, bisque, cloth, or composition dolls, AADC members appreciate and discuss the workmanship that goes into making each doll. We also invite doll artists to visit and talk about how they make dolls. From these discussions, we learn how dedicated creators develop their skills and vision.

Finally, we offer workshops where we create our own dolls and doll accessories. We have made dolls from wooden clothespins and spools, fabric, and polymer clay. We have also created doll "food," dolly armoires, and doll shoes and clothing.

By making our own projects, we learn to appreciate how dolls are made, and how craftsmanship develops into the art we admire in so many different dolls.